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  Main Entrees and Curry

Thai japanese food


Main Entrées

(Entrees 1-9) Vegetable 12.00 • Chicken 12.00 • Beef 13.00 • Shrimp 14.00 • Seafood 16.00

1. Thai Sweet Basil (Pad Bai Ga Pow)
Sautéed with peppers, Thai chili paste,
onions, scallions and baby carrots

Duck Tamarind
Crispy Red Snapper

2. String Bean Basil (Pad Prik King)
Stir fried with string beans, chili paste,
lime leaves and basil

3. Sweet & Sour Thai Style (Prew Wan)
Sautéed with onions, peppers, cucumber,
tomatoes and pineapple

4. Ginger (Pad Khing)
Stir fried with julienne ginger, tree ears, soybean,
onions, snow peas, peppers and brown sauce

5. Black Bean Sauce Stir Fried
(Nua Nam Mun Hoy)
With black bean sauce, oyster sauce, mushrooms,
scallions and ginger over a bed of spinach

6. Sauteed Broccoli & Baby Corn
Sauteed Chinese broccoli and baby corn with garlic and brown sauce

7. Thai Spicy Mango Sauce
Sautéed onions, scallions, snow peas,
tomatoes and fresh mango

8. Thai Spicy Lemongrass
Sautéed with bell peppers, red onions, asparagus,
baby carrots and fresh lemongrass

9. Cashew Nut (Pad Prik Haeng)
With bell peppers, mushrooms, dried chilies,
cashew nuts and onions

10. Lemongrass Pork Chop 12.95
Grilled thin slices of pork chop marinated with lemongrass

11. Duck Tamarind 17.25
One half duck-boneless roasted crisp served with Asian eggplant, kiwi and tamarind sauce

12. Bangkok Duck 17.25
One half duck-boneless roasted crisp served with cashew nuts and pineapple in red curry sauce

13. Shrimp Woonsen 13.95
Shrimp sautéed with Thai glass noodles, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, bean sprouts, egg and oyster sauce

14. Garlic Shrimp 14.95
Grilled garlic shrimp with peppers, scallions, sweet basil, bamboo and lime juice

15. Crispy Red Snapper (S.P)
Whole snapper with cherry tomatoes, basil and spicy sweet and sour sauce

16. Roast King Salmon 16.95
Baby carrots, spinach, coconut milk, basil leaves, red peppers in red curry sauce

17. Ocha Chicken (Gai Ta Krai) 12.95
Chicken breast marinated with lemongrass grilled and served over a bed of brasied onions, sweet basil & black bean sauce

18. Roasted Duck With Sweet Basil 17.25
One half duck-boneless roasted crisp with bell peppers, long chili, red onions, asparagus and Thai fresh basil

19. Ocha Seafood 18.95
Jumbo shrimp, calamari, mussels, scallops sautéed with bell peppers, long chili, asparagus with chef’s special sauce

20. Pepper Steak 15.95
Sesame pepper steak wok, vegetable served in a sizzling platter

21. Grilled Salmon 16.95
Served with chopped shrimp and garlic pepper sauce on a layer of spinach

22. Eggplant With Sweet Basil 12.00
Eggplant with garlic, bean curd, basil and brown sauce


Original Thai Curry

With your choice of
Chicken 12.00 • Beef 13.00 • Vegetable 12.00 • Shrimp 14.00 • Seafood 16.00

Green Curry (Gaeng Khiao Wan)
Green curry with basil, Thai eggplant, coconut milk, bamboo shoots and bell peppers

Panang Curry (Panang Kari)
A rich thick, bamboo shoots, panang curry cooked with coconut milk, basil leaves and bell peppers

Masaman Curry (Masaman Kari)
Masaman curry with coconut milk, tamarind juice, potatoes, peanuts and onions

Yellow Curry
Yellow curry with basil, pineapple and bell peppers

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