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  Noodle & Rice and Nabomono
Thai japanese food


Thai Noodle & Rice

With your choice of
Chicken 9.50 • Beef 10.50 • Veg 9.00 • Shrimp 11.50 • Seafood 13.50


Pad Thai

Pad Thai
Thai rice noodles stir fried with dried bean curd, bean sprouts, egg, scallions and roasted peanuts

Pad See Yu
Thai country-style stir fried chow flat rice noodles with broccoli, egg and soy sauce

Spicy Fresh Mint Fried Rice
With chili, garlic, onions, fresh mint, egg and mixed peas

Thai-Style Fried Rice
With pineapple, tomatoes, onions, mixed peas, egg and tomato sauce

Pad Kee Maow
Sautéed flat rice noodles with chili onions, shallot, basil and bean sprouts

Lad Nar
Pan fried flat rice noodles with Asian broccoli in gravy sauce

Japanese Noodle & Rice

Comes with salad

Shrimp Yaki Udon 12.95

Chicken Yaki Udon 11.95

Yakimeshi 12.50
Shrimp, scallops, crab, vegetables and fried rice


Comes with soup

Beef Sukiyaki 13.95
Sliced beef, assorted vegetables, bean curd and clear noodles in sukiyaki broth

Seafood Sukiyaki 14.95
Shrimp, white fish, kani scallop and vegetables

Nabe Yaki Udon 15.95


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